A better deal for the Motor Vehicle Trade

Trade Credit Finance at Low Fixed rates.



New Zealand is going through a tremendous growth spurt in the sales of both new and user motor vehicles.

Over the last 3 years we’ve seen new records set in both sales and import numbers. It has been incredible to watch. The new vehicle market in New Zealand has seen its best year ever, with registrations for the year hitting an all-time record of 146,753 vehicles.

The result was an impressive 9.5% up on 2015’s 134,041 registrations. 2016 was the third record year in a row.

(source: AutoTalk)

This is marvelous for the industry.

However, it’s also putting increased strain on the working capital available to the Motor Trade.

We don’t want the party to end,  because the Trade runs out of liquidity – so in partnership our Japanese partners, The Heiwa Group, we’ve stepped into the breach – to ensure the Trade can carry on their good work.

Join us and carry on growing.

Let the good time roll.




The best deal in Trade Credit Finance
at low fixed rates,

How do we do that?

With the support of our Japanese partners and bulk purchases we’re able to arrange very good lending rates and can fix the rate over the term of the finance.

How does it work?

It’s effectively like a rolling credit facility available to fund vehicles in transit or on the yard.

Who can get it?

AUTOBRIDGE Trade Credit is available for Registered NZ Motor Vehicle Traders only, who have been vettted and approved.

Trade Only

AUTOBRIDGE is not available to the public and never will be.



You need to complete two forms, one is a Trade Credit Application and the second a Statement of Position to be completed by the Dealer Principal, Directors and/or Gurantors.

Download the two PDF forms below, complete and return to us, by email, fax or post.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard.



Contact us to Enquire about Trade Finance for your business.

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